They’re Back!

After over a month off (or at least it seems that long) everybody’s favourite ‘girls’ are back! In six consecutive episodes, we’ll get to see Lorelai choose between Luke and Christopher (it better be Luke!), Rory choose between Logan and Jess (who’s coming back yet again!), Luke choose whether to actually introduce his daughter to Lorelai (he better get his act together), and I’m sure a few more suprises along the way.

As viewers we also get to make a choice – are we going to succumb to the endless advertising and shameless promotion of the WB’s latest dramedy PEPPER DENNIS? I’ll admit, I’m sucked in. I find Rebecca Romijn adorable, and bonus points goes for giving BOY MEETS WORLD alum Rider Strong a job. The show looks enjoyable, and I’ll let you know my thoughts Wednesday.

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  • It’s about time, my Tuesdays have been empty for too long!

    Just found your site, looks great! Check me out, fellow TV-head.

  • thanks so much for the kind words. Glad you like the site, yours is nice as well!