Gilmore Girls, Scrubs and More

[warning: the following is an unedited rant on two of my favourite shows from last night, read at your own risk] GILMORE GIRLS used to be a pleasure to watch, a joy in fact – essentially the perfect hour of television. Unfortunately, this season has been completely uneven, with emotional highs and lows, family seperations, and now yet more obstacles on the road to happiness. Last night’s episode was a unmitigated low. The problem of course, stems from Luke and Lorelai’s relationship. Creator Amy Sherman Palladine (ASP for short) obviously has tried to create some friction in the relationship with a new ‘mystery’ daughter, but the story simply put, blows as much as an episode of According to Jim. The spark has dissappeared from Luke and Lorelai – and that spark is what kept Stars Hollow magical for all these years. Without our leading couple happy, I am simply not enjoying the show. The high point of every episode should not be Paris Gellar, but yet again it is (The show isn’t called the “Wacky Adventures of Paris Gellar’ not that I wouldn’t love an all Paris channel (no hiltons allowed – sorry, I’ll stop this mindless rambling, we all know that Paris is amazing in small doises, and her own show would no doubt be a colossal failure, or what i like to call a ‘Joey.) But I digress. Lane getting married and Miss Kim being okay with it.. do these two kids have any realistic future at all? musicians… hit song… I don’t think so. Don’t even get me started on Rory and her messed up relationship. Let’s hope the final 5 episodes end the season of on a high note, or this season will go down as the worst in GG’s illustrious history. [rant over, breathe]

On to happier things: I don’t think SCRUBS could be anymore brilliant. I’ve just finished watching Tonight’s episode, and I’m trying to think of how I can actually convey how great the show is in words. Since I’m not a genius Scrubs writer, I won’t even try. It’s almost as if I have to re-watch the entire episode to remember all the jokes. How many gags can the writers fit into one episode… JD and Turk dishing about the Gilmore Girls, I was going to die (except that the show is Tuesdays, how were they watching it on Thursday?). Dr. Cox meditative state….Jordan and Perry on a double date (being drugged!) J.D’s big butt dance, I almost spit milk out of my nose. JD in black paint face… JD with no hair… (how did they know I like crackers?)… Lawyer guy with his ‘mobile phone’, the Todd…The show is a never ending roller coaster of laughs… something I really needed after sitting through a dissappointing installment of Gilmore Girls!

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  • Jenny

    I don’t watch GG (I know! Sue me 😛 ), but Scrubs is absolutely phenomenal. Last night’s ep was classic! My favorite part was probably the drugged double date (cause that guy is just creepy enough that I can see that happening! LOL) and then where he invited them out camping with a 3rd guy…. HAHA Loved it.

  • the drugged double date was my second favourite part, and completely hilarious….. nothing beats JD’s BIG BUTT DANCE!

  • I couldn’t agree more with your Scrubs assessment! Is this show brilliant or what? Maybe Turk and JD TiVo GG and then watch it on Thursday nights? Great observation, though!