Major Gilmore Girls Spoiler!

If you want to find out how Gilmore Girls ends this season, hop on over to’s msg board and read the first post. BEWARE, the spoiler is MAJOR and only read it if you want to be spoiled (Who isn’t going to click over after reading that…. I’m a huge sucker for spoilers!)

Personally I have my doubts that the spoiler is real, I can’t believe the Gilmore Girls team would be so dumb to let this get out.

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  • As an EXTREMELY loyal fan, I feel somewhat lost every so often. I’d really really love it if you had an entry one of these days with a brief synposis of the shows you want me to watch, most notably Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. I have never seen them, and I want to hear from you, why I should watch them…I know I can get a synopsis somewhere else, but this site is so good I don’t want to go anywhere else…

    You rock,


  • Eric

    Hey Addict Addict:

    Those shows are much too involved to try to recap (and take up valuable space) here. Both have their own websites…just enter the show names and read up on them, if you like. But with VM in season 3 and GG in season 6, you’re coming in on the end of a lot. Try watching a rerun of GG on ABC Family, or VM on Wednesdays to see if you like them.

    Just my view / suggestion, as another daily reader….


    P.S. Found that exact quote from Everwood. Dr. Abbott says, “Hey Amy, have you watched Beauty & The Geek? This is truly fascinating stuff.” A classic.

  • eric, thanks for the quote. it will definitely be a candidate for quote of the week!

  • Just wanted to say…love the layout of your site! I want to be a professional tv-addict!

  • Fabulous site.