Gilmore Girls Season Finale Spoilers!

Needless to say, if you want to be surprised, stop reading NOW!

In an exclusive interview with GILMORE GIRLS creator Amy Sherman-Palladino,’s Ken Tucker discovered that in the season finale, the relationship between Lauren Graham’s Lorelai and Scott Patterson’s Luke will reach a ‘boiling point.’ Lorelai will go to a dinner at her parents’ house, where Emily [her mother] will invite a surprise guest, who will inspire Lorelai to finally confront Luke about their recent troubled engagement. On the Rory front, she’ll get an opportunity to confront Mitchum [Logan’s Dad] about how poorly he treated her at the end of last season.

Personally, Gilmore Girls have been known for killer finales, and this one seems to be no exception. I think we can only hope it set ups the show for a spectacular final season. As I think most loyal Stars Hollow fans will agree that this season has been the shows most dissappointing.

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  • dsuasu

    my daughter and I started watching the Gilmore Girls together. We purchased all the seasons and loved them until season 6. What a disappointment. Not quite sure we are even interested in season 7. Rory what a dissapointment and a negative influence on young girls. She used to be a role model but not anymore. Loreli made mistakes when she was young and had to make up for them now you have Rory making worse ones than her mother who tried so hard to raise a daughter with values and she did until season 6. What about Christopher he is nothing but a dead beat dad and for loreli and Rory always so easy to accept them back in their lifes. I heard He will probably be bonding with Loreli in the final eposide if he gets back with her We won’t watch the show anymore and I know you will have alot of diappointed fans.

  • Dear dsuasu,

    Thanks for your great post. Gilmore was filled with magic for the first few seasons. I completely agree that this season has been a massive disappointment – yet at the same time, it still is better then a lot of the garbage on TV. I’ll continue watching to the end, as like 90210, I’m way too invested in the series. Let’s hope next season, is GG’s best (as it is most likely its last!)

  • ggfantte

    I think dsuasu is a little unrealistic. People grow and change and make choices. Good, bad, they all shape our character. Just as Rory is making choices to shape hers. They have to show her being human otherwise this show would be all good times and that’s not real. She quit school but went back. That shows growth. Personally I love this show. I love the mistakes these great characters make and can’t wait for next season. Like thevaddict I am way to invested in this show to give up now. Plus I think it’s a great show!!

  • sscherme

    I agree that this season has been dissappointing. It has been frustrating how every episode seems to be more negative than positive. I miss the days when I could be happy for the characters. TV is supposed to be an escape. If I wanted to watch misery and unhappiness, I’d watch the news. I understand that a certain amount of strife creates the drama that inspires people to keep watching, but it is less enjoyable to watch when their lives just get worse and worse. Let the Gilmore Girls have two happy episodes in a row. I need a kleenex break.

  • ajsgirl

    I disagree with dsuasu. First of all, people on TV should not be role models for your children. They are not real people and your child should be taught to understand that. Second of all, the Rory character is about 22 by now, not a child or even a teenager, but a full grown adult. She is living her life, not making mistakes. If living with her boyfriend, or dropping out of college, or whatever else she is doing turns out to be the wrong choice she will learn from it, just as ggfantte commented. I watched daytime soap operas with my mom every summer for as long as I can remember, it was always clear that they were just a shows, entertainment only. I certainly wasn’t influenced by fictional characters on television. Take some personal responsibility for what influences your child. If it’s TV, then you didn’t raise her with much character and should probably get rid of all the TV’s in your home and never, ever let her go around other people.

  • WBLover17

    I agree this season was a major disapointment. However, I believe that the next season will make the negative choices mostly to turn out with positive outcomes. I kind of like that Rory is starting to become more “real”. What I mean by real is the way of her character, she’s no-longer her grandparents perfect angel, but a normal person who makes mistakes. I think that children, similar to what ajsgirl said, should not have tv influences because it makes them become like well robots. I believe that you should discuss with children that characters are not real, and real life is a lot less complicated (for the most part). However ajsgirl Rory by law is an adult now, but she is still young at heart just like every other person at her age. Like ggfantte said, people grow up and change. Also, I think what I like about Rory’s new actions (I guess you would say) is that she is discovering that life doesn’t revolve around that little town or her grandparents mansion, or all the other luxaries she gets. Its about enjoying life, and making mistakes and learning from them.

  • Marina

    I see where many of you are coming from about this season being a disappointment, but I think the reason for this is because we are so used to Rori being “perfect”. I actually find it more realistic now, because in real life no one is perfect and young viewers need to understand this. I think this may be an opportunity to teach young girls to learn from these types of mistakes so that they do not make them.

  • Va_Tankz26

    Everyone keeps saying how disappointing the last season was, I disagree. It was sad and not what the fans are use to of the Gilmores, but it wasn’t disappointing. Rory couldn’t stay the way she was forever, come on, she had to grow up. Everyone has to grow up and go through life changes and the Gilmores were no different. True, it was sad they kept the girls apart for way too long, but I was still weeping with joy when the two hugged in the front yard. Don’t tell me you didn’t. It made you feel for them both. Hopefully next season won’t have as many tears as did this season. As for Luke and Lorelai? Luke showed a darker side then I was use to, hopefully they’ll soften him up a bit. And, Lorelai has been searching for the right guy for 5 seasons. Has she found it in Luke or will Chris finally become more then heartbreak? As a die hard fan, I will faithfully watch and see my girls until the very end. They are and have always been the best.

  • tara

    I think that gilmore girls is not a dissappointment. It is a great show! Maybe the gilmores make mistakes but if you dont make mistakes there is something wrong with you. I read season 7 spoilers and I think it should be interesting. I think it is wrong for Lorelai not to have any connection to April. Even though Luke is being hard on Lorelai Chris should not be with her he messed up 21 years ago. luke is meant for her. He should be in Rory’s life but he should stay away from Lorelai. I thought Logan was great before he cheated but now I’m skeptical. I don’t think its over with Jess. Going back a few seasons you see Jess changed for Rory. They should be together. I think it’s good that Rory will have new friends. I hope she stays friends with Lane still.

  • Jessica

    I have been an active Gilmore Girls watcher. I watch every new episode on the WB and then when it switched to the CW. I also watch the re-runs on ABC Family every weekday. I have seen every episode (not season 7) at least 10 times, some more than others. I love Gilmore Girls. I can quote Gilmore Girls. It seemed like I could look up to Rory for guidance and listen to Loralei when she gave Rory advice. I started watching Season 7, with complete excitement. Sadly, I was greatly let down. I heard about the change in writers, but I didn’t think it would make THAT much of a deal. Apparently, it did. Gilmore Girls is known for their colorful range of characters and witty comments. Season 7 was filled with dramatic scenes over and over, too much crying, and random series of events. I realize that there will be down moments in a person’s life, but it doesn’t have to take over the entire episode or season! In the past, there have been down points for both Rory and Loralei, but it still didn’t put a large damper on the entire episode and season! I do hope for an 8th Season. I love Gilmore Girls and hope to see it go on, but I do hope for the show to get back to how it used to be!