Sophie’s Choice

So I got back from late from work last night (yes I realize no one cares about my personal life, but it’s integral to the story!) I was tired and knew that I only had the energy to watch one of my favourite shows. The Classic Sophie’s Choice…. LOST vs. VERONICA MARS. I chose LOST, boy did I make the wrong choice.

LOST was possibly the worst episode of the series. It was so bad in fact, I was literally nodding off during the episode. Hurley is crazy, no suprise here. He’s having hallucinations, my least favourite plot device by the way. And the end, who didn’t see that coming a mile and a half away. I won’t ruin it here, but suffice to say – not the least suprising.

On the other side of the island (nice metaphor eh?) was last night’s VERONICA MARS. I woke up extra early so I could watch what turned out to be the best episode of the season (that is series TV dedication). I’m not going to go into detail, but any episode featuring MAC prominently I love. So many great things about the episode. Veronica in all her wittyness (loved her over the moon face). Logan was awesome in all his bad-boyness, and Weevil was actually heartbreaking at the end. BEST FINAL SCENE EVER! I love how Woody thinks he is outsmarting the world’s best detective. Keith is no dummy. And Wallace, dude, way to lose two girls in one episode. All I have to say is the writer’s of LOST should mabye take a look at this episode of Veronica and learn a few things about PROVIDING ANSWERS TO STORYLINES, and more importantly, how to write an ending that sends chills down the viewers spine. (again, What an ending!)

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  • I’m sorry, I can’t get past Steve Guttenberg groping Logan’s arm…It’s just so FREAKY.