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SUNKIST… OH MY GOD, could the WB be more shameless. We get it, ONE TREE HILL has sold their soul to Sunkist (I wonder if they’ll get a fourth season because of it!). Outside of Survivor and The Apprentice, I can’t recall a more shameless and annoying promotional tie-in. Of course OTH has never been subtle about shameless promotion, afterall the show is essentially music promotion for Tyler Hilton and now ‘Pete’ from Fall Out Boy.

On to my thoughts on Wednesday episode. The ‘gang’ goes on the obligatory ‘weekend without parents’ – pretty much a ritual right of passage for all high school shows (90210’s camping trip, Dawson’s Blair Witch rip off). Yet the thing with OTH is that parental supervision is so lacking, that I don’t really think a secluded cottage makes a difference. Moving on, the episode was great. Skills and dumb cheerleader make me laugh, Peyton rocks, and I’m so waiting for Mouth to hook up with Rachel (who is awesome by the way.) But like all OTH fans, the highlight of the episode is watching Lucas and Brooke act (no, seriously!). I take a perverse pleasure in watching them play lovers on TV, all the while reveling in the disaster that must be their personal lives. I should mention that I’m completely on TEAM SOPHIA, as Chad Michael Murray’s childish antics will be responsible for the CW not picking up OTH for a fourth season.

Finally, does anyone else think Karen is a tad off her rocker, and will be the one to shoot Dan in the season (series?) finale?

By the way, feel free to enter the Sunkist Contest by clicking here.

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  • Jenny

    American Idol is the same way with Ford, etc. heh

  • Yes, I remember when I used to watch AI, loved the subway sandwich montage!

  • i’m so glad that sunkist is throwing a party for fans to win a chance to hang with the cast of oth that would be awsome