Need Me Some Quotes of the Week!

As many of you may know, on Sunday I like to post my favourite TV quotes of the week. This week I have a few great ones, but would love to get your contributions. Feel free to post quotes in the comment below, or email me at

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  • Tim G.

    Summer: “Remember when the boys made us watch that movie with the gay guys on the mountain?”
    Marissa: “Lord of the Rings?”

    The OC – 4/6/06

  • Ash

    Kid at Motel Desk: “King or two queen?”
    Dean: “Two queens.”
    Kid (looks out at Sam): “Hmph yeah I bet.”

    Supernatual 4/6/06

  • I’ve never watched Supernatural, but the quotes i’ve been getting from the show… i should definitely give it a try. The writing seems quite sharp and funny!

  • Mary

    Logan to Veronica: Once something stops being important to me, my memory starts getting a little fuzz….wait. Who are you?

  • Frank

    Jordan: I almost divorced Perry because of his last name.
    Elliot: You don’t like Cox?
    Jordan: No, I love Cox
    {Todd (interupts)}
    Todd: Best conversation ever!