Will & Grace Shocker!

I did not see that coming. After seven years of watching WILL & GRACE, I really thought I had that ‘unique ability’ to predict how each episode would end. After Will’s fight with his Dad, the episode just screamed for that silent ‘serious’ ending, with a ‘to be continued…’ But for Will’s dad to die, a suprise of ‘LOST’ proportions. It’s strange how I’ve been completely missing the obvious on this show. When Grace became pregnant, I naturally assumed Leo would come back and Grace would marry him. Yet that wouldn’t really be a happy ending for all our beloved characters. The ending was clear last night when it became quite evident that Will & Grace (hence, the name!) would be raising the baby together. A fitting end, afterall, if the show taught us anything, it’s that great friends are as good as family (cue NBC’s ‘the more you know’ music).

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