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For those of you who were wondering who my brother plays in TAKE THE LEAD (and no doubt there were tons of you!), here’s the answer: If you guessed the token white boy who thinks he’s black – you’re correct! My brother is Jonathan and plays ‘Kurd’, and as EW puts it, he’s the ‘goofy white dreadlocked kid’ (actually its cornrows! way to fact check EW)

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  • Hey TV Addict! I just saw Take the Lead. Please tell your brother that he was fantastic. His hair deserves a starring role all on its own. GREAT MOVIE!!!!! Loved Kurd. Too funny. I’m actually taking a ballroom dancing class, and I was really impressed with the talent shown in this movie. It’s not as easy as it looks. I have a long way to go before I’m even close to that ! Kurd rules!

    Tube Talk Girl

  • TubeTalkGirl,

    Thanks for the kudos (for my brother). I”ll pass along the kind words, and glad you enjoyed the movie.