Free TV on the Web!

In a movie that is sure to decrease America Workforce productivity yet again, ABC is set to announce that they plan to make TV shows such as DESEPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LOST available for free over the internet, in an attempt to bring in new advertising revenue.

Episodes of the ABC shows will contain commercial breaks that viewers will not be able to skip, which Disney hopes will turn the delivery of programs over the Web into a profit-generating business, the Journal said.

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  • Jenny

    It’s very, very awesome. I don’t mind the ads (gives me time to go to the bathroom or get a drink! lol), since it’ll be free! I get Lost occasionaly from iTunes and as long as the quality is just as good, I’m cool with having the ads in there.

    It’s a definite step in the right direction anyway. Obviously the demand for downloading shows online is a great one. Just look at the various torrent/newsgroup places out there for them. Kind of a DUH! thing to me for the tv execs to realize they are behind the times.