Vinick for President?

[Spoiler Alert] If you TiVo’d or PVR’d last night’s WEST WING, and actually don’t know how it ends, stop reading now! Seriously, you really can’t guess who won?

An interesting tidbit from the NY Times. They report that a Matt Santos’ win was not 100% until John Spencer died. Reports the New York Times:

After Mr. Spencer died, executive producer Lawrence O’Donnell said in a recent interview, he and his colleagues began to confront a creative dilemma: would viewers be saddened to see Mr. Smits’s character lose both his running mate and the election? The writers decided that such an outcome would prove too lopsided.

You may remember last year that Alan Alda suggested the election be put up for an online vote. “Why leave it up to a couple Hollywood writers?” he asked.

Personally, while I believe Alan Alda and the West Wing writers did a great job in portraying both sides, I was always rooting for the Santos Campaign. If only for Josh, Leo, Donna, Lou and the rest of our Democratic gang. Are you happy with our ‘new’ President?

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  • Trinity

    Heck Yes I am!! but I miss Leo 🙁