EVERWOOD, TV’s Best Show

Last night’s episode of EVERWOOD proved once again that it is unequivocally the best show on television. If this show is not picked up next season I will be heartbroken. It boggles the mind that America eats up 7th HEAVEN and ignores EVERWOOD. Both series deal with difficult situations but in very different ways. 7th HEAVEN takes the sophmoric approach, where characters generally end each episode by learning a ‘lesson’. Through incredible writing and acting, Everwood manages to deal with topics on a much higher level. The show doesn’t preach and actually allows viewers to come to their own conclusions.

Last night’s episode had some amazing moments. Most heartbreaking was the final scene, where Ephram finally realizes why his father (Andy) did what he did two years ago (keeping Madison’s pregnancy from him). The scene was so good in fact that I actually had to watch it again. The show also tackled two high schoolers, one dealing with the fact he is gay, and another scared that she’s going to have cancer.

If you’re not watching Everwood, you truly are missing out. Please check out the Save Everwood campaign, to help ensure the show gets a spot on the CW.

A final thought. Everytime Dr. Abbott (Harold) looks at Rose (his wife), I’m scared it will be for the last time. While I have no knowledge about who is rumoured to die at the end of the season, I’m convinced it’s Rose, and that episode will no doubt be heartbreaking.

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  • I knew I was going to LOVE the last scene with Ben Folds “Luckiest” started playing. The lyrics didn’t quite go with the scene, but the music a perfect back drop. Great scene!!!

  • GMMR,

    Thanks for the song. I’ve been trying to figure out all day what song played so I can iTunes it!

  • Yeah, my best friend had it on her wedding CD and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. The lyrics are amazing.

  • Jenny

    I have the perfect quote for this week for you from Everwood:

    Hannah – “I think you should shut your pie hole, Bright Abbott, or I’m gonna come over there and shut it for you.”

    Bright – “Bring it on, Splotchy.”

  • I LOVED this episode as well. The entire hour made me think about so many things. It was just so well done!