Good (Veronica Mars) News

If you’re excited for tomorrow’s installment of VERONICA MARS, have I got some great news for you! The show has moved to tonight! Yes, you heard me correctly. UPN decided a few weeks ago to save everyone’s favourite sleuth from the ratings behmoth that is LOST. Thus, new episodes of Veronica Mars will now be airing tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm on UPN (I probably should update my banner image, but I’m a busy guy!). Let’s hope tonight’s episode is as fantastic as last week’s.

On a semi-related note, my iPOD is completely addicted to the song that finished off the show last week (as Logan blew up the stadium). The song is called ‘Gravity/Falling Down’ and is written by Alejandro Escovedo. It can be found on iTunes by clicking here.

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