My Faith in LOST is found

Who’d have thought that two secondary island denizens would completely get me sucked back into the mystery that is LOST. I’ll be the first one to admit that my faith in the show was waining just a little throughout the past few episodes. Things were honestly moving too slowly, with way too few interesting revelations and stories. Yet bringing the island’s mysterious ‘magnetic force’ to the forefront once again got me way too excited. The realization that the island not only cured Locke, but also Rose was fantastic. Between Locke regaining his faith, and Michael returning to Jack, the show is ready to roll for a heart-pounding May sweeps. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until May for the final few episodes, as the show will be in reruns until then.

My LOST thoughts wouldn’t be complete without mentioning ‘Henry’. His smile in reaction to Locke’s frustration was brilliantly evil. I can’t wait to see what part our imprisoned OTHER plays in the final four episodes.

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  • Jennifer

    Everyone that has commented on the latest Lost episode has left out someone else that was also “cured”…. Jin. Either he was cured or the island can also impregnate unsuspecting women.

  • Great point… I read that on some boards, Jin was cured and able to have a baby. Personally… I think everyone on the island is being healed in some way. Charlie, his addiction. Michael, his relationship with his son. Sawyer, his anger. Hurley, his eating…. etc. So excited for the final 4 episodes!