Tuesday Night TV

I know I’m repeating myself, but God Bless my PVR (or TIVO for my fellow Americans!). Last night was filled with great TV, and considering the fact that I was having a small dinner party (Snow, Thors, don’t laugh!), I couldn’t even watch any of it live. Actually that’s not exactly true. I had the distinct ‘pleasure’ of catching a bit of AMERICAN IDOL, a show I generally detest. Why you ask, well for one, I can’t stand Paula – does she ever say anything intelligent? But last night Paula wasn’t actually the most annoying aspect of the show. There were two things I hated about the show. Firstly, why did I have to tune into QUEEN night? I would have much preffered movie soundtrack night, 60’s night, anything but Queen. It’s not that I have anything against Queen, I’m just not that familiar with their music, and I enjoy listening to songs that I can somewhat sing-a-long with in my head. In terms of the ‘talent’ left, I wasn’t impressed with any of them, so I’ll move on. Final note about Idol, why was every shot of the judges panel accompanied with former Idol Fantasia nodding in agreement, it was incredibly annoying and distracting.

It was actually nice to be able to laugh with Lorelai tonight rather then stare in disbelief at the TV screen. Tonight’s episode was Gilmore Girls back in classic form. I was loving Lorelai the entire episode. Her attempts to scare off her parents from buying a place in Stars Hollow was priceless. Her bizarro tour of the town was possibly her best moment of the season. Interestingly enough, I also was enjoying Luke’s story with April’s class – but it definitely says something about the poor state of this season when I enjoy Luke and Lorelai seperated rather then together. Bonus points for a great moment between Luke and Jess. The two of them had a hard time a few years back, and it’s so nice to see how far Jess has come. Oddly enough he seems like Rory’s best guy (who’d have thought that a few years ago!). It was so great to actually see one of ‘Rory’s boys’ stand up for themselves. Jess’s, “I don’t deserve this’ line to Rory was something she’s had a long time coming.

Finally, Lane’s Dress – classic Mrs. Kim. I hope we get to finally meet Mr. Kim at the wedding.

Another fantastic episode in SCRUBS best season to date. Elliot ‘pretending’ to make a baby was a riot. Kelso actually admitting his son is a good kid was really touching. And finally, Carla and Turk’s realization that they’re actually having a kid was Scrubs at its best – finding humour in real life, sometimes scary situations.

A great night of TV overall. And I know what you’re thinking, what about VERONICA MARS? Look, I’m only human, I can’t watch it all. But rest assured, last night’s VM is stored safely in my PVR and will be watched sometime today.

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  • I’m panicked when I didn’t see any VM love! The episode last night was awesome!!

  • honestly, it was late, and I already watched Scrubs and Gilmore…. I really wanted to be ‘awake’ for VM, as there is so much going on – and last week’s episode was so incredible. So I’m saving it for today.

  • Jenny

    Scrubs quote of the week: “Ah Perry, you’re so edgy and cantankerous. You’re like House, without the limp.” – Dr Bob Kelso on Scrubs

  • Wow, until last night I haven’t watched anything on Tuesday since My Name Is Earl moved. It’s nice only worring about watching one show. Although I don’t understand how Veronica Mars wasn’t first priority.