Killing President Palmer a mistake!

An interesting interview with Dennis Haysbert (President David Palmer on 24) has surfaced where he says that killing of his character was a mistake. You can read the whole interview by clicking here, but I thought 24 fans would like to see the answer to two questions.

You’ve said before that you at first resisted the move to kill off the character of President David Palmer. What concerned you?
First of all, let me say that my hat goes off to [’24’ executive producers] Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow and all the guys [who] are connected with ’24’ for giving me the opportunity. Having said that, I think it was a mistake to kill this character off.

How so?
It buys into the legacy of the country. Every charismatic, wonderful leader we’ve ever had — they’ve shot him. And we could’ve broken that legacy by letting David Palmer live on. And also it gives the show somewhere to go.

Personally, theTVaddict is surprised that Dennis Haysbert came back to 24, just to be killed off. While it gave the season a great opening scene, his death has almost been all but forgotten with all the craziness of Jack’s day. It would have been nice to see President Palmer make a return in future years, of course with 24 you never know!

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  • Edina

    I’m very upset for killing David Palmer!
    We loved this character.and it meaned for us:movie makers in U.S much more heartbravest then europiens.

    The fact.colour U.S president was fresh and great idea!

    Thank you for former Mr David Palmer!!
    WE hope see again in before 24 hours him again!!!

    Best regards: Tom & Edi from Budapest