In Love with BIG LOVE

I know I’m on a bit of a post rampage today, but frankly, it’s raining outside and I have nothing interesting to do except work or catch up on TV (what would you choose?). I just finished watching episode 5 of BIG LOVE, and as my post’s title suggests, I’m in love with this show.

The episode entitled ‘Affair’ not suprisingly revolves around Bill ‘cheating’ on his two wives to spend more time with his first wife (and my personal favourite) Barb (incredibly portrayed by Jeanne Tripplehorn). Watching these three very different woman deal with their marriage situation is way too much fun.

Barb: She’s definitely Bill’s true love, and at times I feel so bad that she has to put up with what she does (especially Nikki). I hope as the season continues, we learn more why she agreed to enter into the world of polygamy.

Nikki: Undeniably the most devious of the wives. She is completely out for herself, concerned with her own agenda and massive secret credit card debt that has piled up to about 60k. I will give her credit though, in the episode I just watched, she stood up for the family, which was great. It was also nice to get confirmation on a theory I already believed – that Bill married her purely for financial reasons.

Margene: The new girl on the block. She is so young, naive and adorable. I feel so bad for her, yet am loving her new found confidence. I can’t wait until the neighbours start setting her up on dates. (As they believe her husband was killed in the Gulf War!)

If you don’t watch BIG LOVE, no doubt you have no idea what I’m rambling about. But if you get HBO (or TMN for my fellow Canadians), definitely give the show a chance. It’s getting better with each episode. (Also, if you’re fans of VERONICA MARS, Mac, Lilly Kane and Cassidy are on the show!)

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  • Janice 1997

    I big love this show! I concur on your assessments of the wives, Nicki is the classic “love to hate her” character. I always feel sorry for Barb though – she puts up with so much, and on top of everything has to deal with the fact that her husband decided after they had already had several children that he suddenly ‘believed in the principle’ again. I’m really happy that Bill is having an “affair” with her, though I worry that she will only be hurt in the end (her friend’s advice was frankly realistic – he will never leave his other wives for her). Bill Paxton is as usual good at anything he does.

  • Janice 1997, excellent points. I too am loving BIG LOVE – so much that I may take a scenic tour of Utah this summer, find myself a ‘compound’ – kidding of course. But the show rocks and I hope HBO picks it up for a second season.

  • crazyabout

    I hope they do a second season has well. I am crazy about this show. It is alot of stuff rolled into one show. I loved that Bill and Barb were having an affair. I love the Marjene got pregnant instead of Nikki. I love Nikki but I also hate her at the same time. It is a great show. Abd Bill Paxton is wonderful in everything he is in.

  • Misty River

    I LOVELOVELOVE Big Love. I am missing it. I was actually looking to see if I could find something on the new season…They took my SIX FEET and got me addicted to something else…Thanks HBO!