My 15 Minutes of Fame!

I’m Famous…. for 15 minutes…starting now. On this week’s TVGUIDE official podcast (not to be confused with my own official podcast) my question is actually answered. Ironically my question wasn’t about TV, it was about movies. But either way, the awesome Daniel Manu (host of the TVGUIDE podcast) actually mentioned my name!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the TVGUIDE podcast is fantastic. It features Michael Ausiello (Scoop God), Angel Cohn (Adorable), Maitland (Flick Chick, knows her movies) and host/moderator Dan Manu (so funny). While they’re all great in their own way, Dan is definitely the star of the show. Some reasons why he makes me laugh!

– He is such a NERD – but in a good way (ie. obsession with Star Wars books, Lost, Dr. Who, and other nerdy tv shows)
– He does a really funny fake british accent (don’t worry, we’re laughing with you!)
– He’ll be first in line to X3, dressed in a Wolverine costume (original yellow). P.S. Brett Ratner’s a hack (quote from Dan)
– He is responsible for outing foreigners for their illegal downloading of TV shows of the ‘interweb’
– He Loves Degrassi (all Canadians do, it’s a must for citzenship)
– He is obsessed with Erica Durance (Smallville)
– He holds long grudges against the hot cheerleaders at his high school. Called them PHAT (20 years in the making)

Anyways, while I seem like a stalker. Really I just love the TVGuide podcast, and highly recomment it to everyone. You can download it or listen to it by clicking here.

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