NEW! Poll of the Week

What an exciting week for First we were highlighted on Yahoo Podcasts, then my question was actually answered on the official TVGuide Podcast and now a new addition to the site, the Poll of the Week! It’s on your right, on the sidebar.

But rest assured, we’re not done yet. Be sure to check back Monday for the annoucement of our very first exclusive interview. I’ll be asking you to submit questions! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Daniel (theTVaddict)

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  • best site on the net.

  • a little bit of a stretch, but the support is much appreciated! 🙂

  • hey, i’m from brazil and i must say that you have one of the best tv blogs! really cool! i’m really excited everyday to read what you have for the day.

    ps: make a board!!!!

  • Dear Serisholic,

    Thanks so much for the really nice post! Brazil seems beautiful, and I have yet to visit. What are your favourite shows down in Brazil?

  • Yes, I agree. we need a message board!!!


  • well, i love a lot of shows.
    A LOT.

    the oc. gilmore girls. everwood. 24. lost. veronica mars. prison break. everybody hates chris. scrubs. arrested development. out of practice. and so much more.

    seriously, love it.
    do you have AIM or MSN?