Alias: It’s Back!

alias cast

I’m so excited for the return of ALIAS this Wednesday on ABC (a 2 hour event, 8-10pm). With only 8 episodes left, it’s going to be great to see the show go out with a bang. Kudos to ABC for respecting the FANS, and giving the producers enough time to craft a phenomenal ending to the show. Many of our favourites will be returning, including Will Tippen (superstar to be Bradley Cooper), Spy Mommy Irina Derevko (the unbelievable Lena Olin), Greg Grunberg (Weiss), Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres), and of course Michael Vaughn (of course we don’t know his real name!).

Let’s hope the Rambaldi mystery is solved, we discover who Michael Vaughan really is, and Syndey gets to save the world, for the last time, from EVIL SLOANE! To quench your ALIAS appetite, check out this hilarious spoof I recently came across online (click here).

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  • Eric

    Are you KIDDING me? That spoof video is insta-classic stuff! WOW, and kudos to all involved in the laugh-out-loud parody.

  • Harold

    psst, the character’s name is/was Michael Vaughn, not Vaughan.

  • Harold, thanks for the tip! I’m a TVaddict not a spelling/grammer addict – as you’ll be able to tell from my posts!