Tonight’s Best TV

For the first half of the season, Sunday night TV really didn’t excite me. In fact, there was literally nothing interesting on. But as the season wore on, things changed. WEST WING & THE SIMPSONS premiered. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES started to actually become watchable again (albeit no where as good as its brilliant first season), BIG LOVE sucked me in. And I checked into Seattle Grace (GREY’S ANATOMY). Tonight, make room for yet another show, JJ Abrams dramedy WHAT ABOUT BRIAN. While WHAT ABOUT BRIAN hasn’t been getting the greatest reviews, it is from the genius creative mind of JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias, Felicity) and includes the adorable Sarah Lancaster (Madison from EVERWOOD) and stars Barry Watson (I won’t hold 7th Heaven against him!). So folks, set your PVR, TIVO and/or VCR (do those still exist?) and enjoy a fantastic Sunday night if TV.

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  • Jenny

    Very cool. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Harold

    psst, Sacred Heart is on Scrubs, you’re thinking of Seattle Grace

  • Eric

    Loved the series premiere Sunday night, and am now torn between it and CSI: Miami on Mondays. Barry is a surprisingly good actor, and what friend hasn’t been in a similar forbidden-love situation?

  • I to enjoyed the premiere. I didn’t love it, but liked it enough to try it again tonight. The premise was great and I’m head over heals in love with Sarah Lancaster (she was Madison on EVERWOOD for a season!)

  • Tim

    It’s not from the genius mind of JJ Abrams, he is not involved at all.

  • Tim, you’re right. JJ isn’t involved at all. Classic Network False Advertising! Either way, I’m off the What About Brian bandwagon – it was a short ride! I have a lot to watch, and W.A.B. just doesn’t cut it for me!

  • Tim

    Wow, the second ep was that bad? Now I don’t feel like watching it on my DVR.

  • i don’t want to go all negative on W.A.B.. it just didn’t do it for me. YOu know how certain shows just premiere, and you’re like. WOW, that is awesome I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen. W.A.B. didn’t have it. But mabye it’s one of those shows that I should probably watch on DVD cand give a little more time.