We’ll Miss You Leo

I was prepared for tears. I had the kleenex ready. I knew what I was in for. A funeral, never fun to watch – even a televised one. But let me say this, I didn’t exect to be watching this evening’s WEST WING with a huge smile on my face. I almost felt guilty. All of my favourites were back. Danny Concannon, Amy Gardner (the unbelievably sexy Mary Louise Parker), Ainsley Hayes (Emily Proctor taking a break from CSI), Zoe, Joey Lucas, Leo’s daughter (I’m blanking on the name) and all of the great White House secretaries. It was so nice to see everyone back together, it was almost a reunion special, except for the fact that every once in a while I had to remember that I was supposed to be sad. Not to beat a dead horse, but the episode really was a celebration of Leo’s life – Leo would have had it no other way.

From a critical perspective, it has been really interesting to see how the show’s writers have dealt with John Spencer’s death. I think they’ve handled John Spencer’s tragic passing with dignity and class. I do often wonder though, how would the show have ended if Leo hadn’t died?

One other WEST WING tidbit, I’m loving what I’m coining ‘Pennsylvania Avenue 20500’ CJ and Danny, Josh and Donna, Will and NSA chick. It’s so nice to see everyone ending off on a happy note!

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  • daspiano87/trin

    Leo’s daughters name is Mallory btw. And YES! this episode was fantastic, showing the characters loss as well as them moving ahead with there lives. I really loved the Josh/Donna, CJ/Danny and the Josh, Danny interaction. Classic moments not soon to be forgotten. All the stories about Leo, it was not meant to be about making the audience cry, it was about remembering Leo and all his greatness. They did a good job of it.

  • Harold

    The only thing I didn’t like about this episode was ‘the thing’, where they all sat around talking about Leo. Like the TVGuide watercooler blogger said: it’s like the writers had to invent a new trait for Leo just for this episode. And where was Sam?

    Seeing all the old faces again was just great, especially the Bartlett – Margaret moment.

    (Leo’s daughter is called Marjorie I think)

    Mary Luise Parker was really hot indeed, I think it’s the thing she does with her mouth and tongue, I keep looking at that, dunno why 🙂

  • Harold

    (Leo’s daughter is called Marjorie I think) –> Mallory actually.

  • I was hoping Sam, and Toby would be in the room as well, reminiscing about Leo. I LOVED how (the world’s best) secretary Margaret was given a moment to shine – talking to all the other secretaries about LEO. Such a nice moment.

  • Tracy

    Actually, the New York Times had an article last week where they said that the writers had planned on Vinick winning the election right up until John Spencer died and then rethought the whole thing and did the 180 on who won the election.

    Would have been interesting to have seen how they would have closed it off with Vinick winning, but I’m left wondering where that would have left all the former-Wingers who are coming back for the last episodes.

  • Tracy,

    Thanks for visiting thetvaddict.com. I did indeed see that article – it was really interesting. I think the writers did a great job of creating two excellent candidates. I would have been happy with either Vinick or Santos as President. It’s unfortunate that the ‘real world’ can’t find such politicians with such character!

  • OK, I’m confused TV Addict! (Insert your own joke here.) Where did you see Ainsley? I’ve been waiting years for her return. I know they mentioned her, but I didn’t see her. Of course, my eyes were a little swollen from all the crying over “Leo” but still, I’m sure I didn’t miss one of my all-time favorite West Wingers. Did I?

    Tube Talk Girl

  • Ainsley was in the audience (crowd?) at the funeral, then she had that whole scene with CJ where she was complaining about her new job in the hoover building. She is definitely going to be offered a job with Santos team. Not sure if she’ll be back on the show but they’ll mention her. Everybody Loves Ainsley!

  • I can’t believe I missed her. I have no idea how that happened! I agree that she’ll be somewhere working for Santos. Go Ainsley!

    Thanks for the info!

  • Oops…I forgot to post this: I thought that was Amy who was working at the Hoover Building.