Exclusive Interview: Lauren Collins

Lauren Collins Degrassi Exclusive Interview

theTVaddict.com is thrilled to announce that our first Exclusive Celebrity Interview will be with Lauren Collins. Lauren currently stars as Paige, on Degrassi The Next Generation (New episodes air on the N at 8pm on Friday, and CTV in Canada).

Throughout its five seasons on the air, Lauren’s portrayal of Paige has lead her to become a fan favourite. As she puts it, her class is “the most cursed class in history.” As Paige herself has been date raped; hooked up with a student teacher, getting him fired; got high, blowing her college interview; and most recently, experimented with switching teams, dating Alex. You can learn more about Degrassi by visiting the official web site. You can also check out Lauren Collins official web site by clicking here.

theTVaddict’s history with Degrassi goes back a long way. In fact, a little known fact is that theTVaddict’s cousin is Stephanie K (‘all the way with Stephanie K’) from the original series. While I’ve got a lot of questions for Lauren, I’d love to be able to ask your questions, so if you have any for Lauren, post below or email info@thetvaddict.com

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  • C. Allen

    Do you have any plans after Degrassi?

    What was it like kissing Deanna Casaluce [Alex]?

    Are you in a dating anyone?

    How has Degrassi prepared you for more challenging roles in the future?

    Besides acting, would you like to direct, produce, and write movies and shows? If so, do you have any preferences?

  • degrassiFAN

    1) Is she coming back for next season? Like if not almost every episode then possible guest apperances every now and then.??2) Why did the writers make her character hook up w/ Alex???3) What was her favorite episode of Degrassi that didn’t revolve aroung her character?

  • grayrocks33

    Gow does it feel being in the movie Take the Lead?

  • paigerocks

    ?Do you have any plans for the future after Degrassi???What was it like kissing Deanna Calcuse [Alex] (spelling)???Are you in a dating anyone???How has Degrassi prepared you for challenging roles in the future???Besides acting, would you like to direct, produce, and write movies and shows?

  • amber432

    What’s the one thing your going to miss from Degrassi once the show ends???Out of all the Degrassi episodes, what was your personal favorite???How did your life change after Degrassi???that’s all i can think of rite now, but i know there’s aloy more, but ya that’s pretty kool that u get to interview her.~~~~~amber*

  • Gen

    Hi Lauren
    You were great in Take The Lead! In Degrassi I’m totally in love with Jamie Johnston (besides you of course!). Did you guys work together this season? Is he a nice guy or is he more like Peter? Thanks!!!


  • kristina

    is it true that u and deanna casaluce (alex) go in real life?

  • You and Deanna rules!!!You are my two favorite in Degrassi!I was so sad when Paige et Alex break up anyways i want to know if you and Deanna are close apart from the film set??bye
    A french fan!

  • Hey whats up Lauren, I won’t ask you any questions about u and Deanna Casaluce, I bet you are getting sick and tired of hearing it over and over. I just want to know how do you like acting I am actually studing to be either a physical therapist or a Psychologist. I am not quite sure about which one yet but anyway I have actually secretly wanted to be a actress. What do you think. It would be nice to here from you.
    Your number one fan