For Agent Sydney Bristow…

Alias Jennifer Garner is back

Is it wrong that the best thing about watching tonight’s episode of WHAT ABOUT BRIAN is the never ending promos for ALIAS? I won’t repeat them, as they pretty much show a ton of spoilers. But needless to say, I’m way too excited for Wednesday Night.

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  • Tim G.

    We’re getting 2 hours on Wednesday and then a 2 hour series finale too… BUT there are rumors that the producers and JJ have asked ABC to have 2 1/2 hours for the finale, and then fill the other half hour for the night with a 1/2 hour retrospective of the show. THREE HOURS of Alias! How great would that be?

    BTW: Not sure you get Cartoon Network up there, but Robot Chicken had an awesome spoof last night called WHALIAS where Sydney was an Orca. An Orca in a blue latex dress, no less.

  • K

    yeah, I heard about the possibility of a three hour finale but I doubt they’d do that. It would be AWESOME but ABC isn’t that cool so i don’t want to raise my hopes. If you get confirmation, please let us know.

    P.s…. the cartoon “whalias” sounds hilarious.

  • Mel

    Haha… that was my favourite part about What About Brian too! Everytime there was a commercial I kept hoping for another Alias promo… they were awesome… I’m counting down the hours til the best show on TV returns!

  • I too have heard about the three hour finale. That would be awesome. I have to give ABC such props! They have treated ALIAS so well throughout it’s five year history. Nice to see an amazing show get such a great ending.

    I don’t watch Robot Chicken, as I’m not sure we get it up in the great white north (canada) but I’ll have to see – I’m always good for seeing a great ALIAS spoof.

  • Jenny

    w00t! I hadn’t seen the last 4 eps (bad me!) from the first half of the season, and now I’m all caught up except for the last one. Will watch that tonight and be ready. YAY! 😀