I really want a Sidekick

No, I’m not talking about having tech genius MAC hang with me at Neptune, I want a t-mobile Sidekick! Between Veronica Mars saving Neptune and Rory talking to her Dad, I’m totally jonsing for a Sidekick (or a rogers one if you’re reading this in Canada!). How cool are they? How brainwashed am I by shameless product placement! Sidekicks, Sunkist (one tree hill), Dove (gilmore), Mazdas (smallville) – OMG the WB has totally sucked me into their web of marketing. I think the WB should start paying me some cash for my serious shameless plugs. Okay, cash isn’t necessary, but what about a free Sidekick?

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  • I posted the same plea a few months back…no luck

  • I totally want a sidekick also but I can’t really figure out why. They just seems so fun.

  • TVgirl13, totally agree… they look like so much fun! But do I really need to waste more time IM’ing and going online, probably not!