I Wish I Lived in Stars Hollow

lane kim wedding gilmore girlsSome of my best memories of Stars Hollow are when the entire town gets together for a late night party under the Stars (no pun intended). Be it a Sookie wedding, a random Taylor inspired festival, or an late night dance-a-thon, GILMORE GIRLS is at its best late at night, under the lights. Lane and Zak’s wedding was no exception, as the entire town gathered for a wedding to remember.

Why would it be remembered you ask? Well, if you must ask, you definitely didn’t have the uncomfortable pleasure of watching an unforgettable Lorelai Gilmore meltdown. It was as bad as watching a stand-up comic fail miserably in front of an entire audience. Poor Lorelai, drunk as a skunk, finally realized what the audience has been thinking for weeks. How on earth is LANE KIM getting married and not LORELAI? Where is the justice in that?

Aside from the painful final 10 minutes, the episode was classic Gilmore. No doubt a credit to the fact that it was written and directed by GG’s creative force Amy Sherman-Palladino. The fake buddhist wedding, Priceless! The Koreans running to the church for seats (58 seats, 62 koreans!) The Bachelor/Bachelorette parties intercepting – seriously, what do people actually do past 9pm in Stars Hollow? Mrs. Kim’s explanation to Lane about her ‘Wedding Night Responsibilities!’ and another amazing, yet brief performance by Paris – it wouldn’t be ‘classic Gilmore’ without Paris. The episode was great, and I’m really looking forward to the final 3 episodes of the season.

A few random observations:
1) Lorelai said ‘fracking’ – who’s the Battlestar Galactica fan on the show?
2) Why does Lane have two random friends. I love how TV always throws in a few extra ‘extras’ so it looks like Lane has more then Rory for a friend.
3) Speaking of Rory, is she auditioning for BIG LOVE? why the awful wedding dress?
4) I wish I had a t-mobile sidekick (seriously!)
5) How awesome is Lorelai, she looked so great in that dress. I loved the Korean men thinking she was ‘working’ Stars Hollow
6) I could watch Paris read a phone book.

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  • Vanessa

    I caught that she said “fracking” too! So funny!

    Are we to assume there is no Mr. Kim? He was nowhere to be seen last night and only breifly mentioned. If Lane is “lucky” like Mrs. Kim, she will only have to fulfill her “responsibilities” once!

    How many people keep their old cell phone when they get a new one (transfer the number…)? Is she carrying her cell and sidekick around? She doesn’t have a big enough purse for that!

    Great episode! Definitely classic Gilmore.

  • I always thought Mr. Kim was going to make an appearance…. I remember reading once, somewhere, that Mr. Kim would come back one day. Mabye next season 🙂 I do know for sure Mr. Kim was mentioned in the pilot episode.

  • Tim

    Hold on… where was Paris? I’m freaking out, because I don’t remember her in the episode.

    Anyway, I agree, great episode. Gotta love SH town get togethers, they are always classic.

  • gilmore girl fan

    i loved this episode, one of the best ones so far. mrs. kim was so funny when she was like i’m going to go and buy some earplugs.
    after watching the season finale i wonder if loralie and luke are going to end up together.
    anyway does anyone know how many seasons are left of this show?