TV Addict Scoop: Veronica Mars

Introducing the first (of what will no doubt be endless) TV Addict Scoop. Ever wonder what a few pages of script would look like from VERONICA MARS. Well now that last night’s episode aired, I can release the few pages that I’ve obtained from supersecret Neptune spies on the set of VM. Click here to download it.

Speaking of last night’s episode, I LOVED IT! It was so nice to see Veronica and her Dad working together. I love scenes with the two of them. Also, bonus points for MAC coming back. Can we please have more MAC, loved her line, “Please respect the business model Veronica. I do the gadgets, you do the actual espionage.” Bring on Veronica & Mac go to college! Finally, while there was some really new interesting information on Kendall, I still believe that it’s just a smokescreen, and Woody is definitely behind the bus crash.

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  • Vanessa

    Great scoop!! Last night’s ep was fantastic. And surely you have the best line of the night in your quote of the week pile! “I hate fake deer, too. Everytime I see their stupid fake deer faces I wanna grab a shotgun and go all Cheney on ’em.”

    I am totally with you on Veronica & Mac at college together next year. That would be fantastic!

  • It was honestly amazing quote madness last night. SCRUBS, VERONICA, and GILMORE were like endless parades of amazing quotes!

  • daspiano87

    I hate stupid basketball. That is what was on UPN in new york last night. Don’t these people know that Veronica Mars is WAY more important than that.

  • That completely sucks! I am still bitter at my local upn affiliate for pre-empting VM last christmas. I missed the Echoll’s Family Christmas, which was the best ep of the season, and very pivotal to the entire show! (no, I’m not still bitter, okay, a little). Television without Pity has a nice little recap for you.

  • Mary

    My friend Kelli had the best idea ever last night: Veronica and Mac, roommates at Hearst. There’s just so much potential. Seriously, those two could take over the world if they wanted.

    It’s a really long story, but a friend of mine actually was given the front page of the script for this week’s VM episode, “Look Who’s Stalking,” signed by Michael Muhney. So now I’ve seen the inner AND outer workings of a VM script. Wow, I feel so much smarter now.

  • great scoop! interesting to see what was removed from one of (possibly) numerous drafts.
    as usual, great Veronica Mars episode.

    @Mary: are you the staff from neptunepirateradio who interviewed Michael Muhney? mind sharing that first page? 🙂