A BIG Question

Firstly, BIG LOVE lends itself to so many catchy titles (see above!). Secondly, I just finished watching episode 6 of BIG LOVE, I’m loving the show more and more. It’s amazing how I can feel so bad for all three wives, while at the same time think they’re all a bit nuts. Poor Margene, she’s way too lonely, which is going to definitely be leading to something highly inappropriate with her ‘son’ Ben. Nikki, as psycho as she appears to be, must feel constantly demoralized being the second wife. It must suck to never get to actually acknowledge that she’s married to Bill. Finally Barb, it was really nice to learn more about her sickness, and how Nikki essentially nursed her back to health. A final thought on the show. How is it that he Henrickson’s lawn doesn’t have grass? Doesn’t Bill own two massive home stores? What’s the deal?

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  • WOW! You love this show. Maybe I should try to play catch up this weekend on ON-Demand. Then again, I’m not sure I can take on another show. ha ha