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According to Variety, HBO has greenlit another season of BIG LOVE. According to HBO entertainment president Carolyn Strauss, “‘Big Love’ has a really unique premise that we felt wasn’t just gimmicky, It’s striking a chord with viewers and critics, so it was a fairly uncomplicated decision to move forward.” Personally, I’m thrilled with this news, as I’m loving BIG LOVE’s unique storyline and fabulous acting.

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  • Janice 1997

    I found episode 6 to be more informative than interesting – I liked the tidbits of information though (i.e. Bill has a sister, Nicki is still on the pill, more of Frank’s generally assy behaviour). It was interesting to see the enormous social divide between the wives, perhaps more in this episode than any other. Even though she is something of a manipulative cow, I can see why Nicki feels so frustrated – she can’t even go to the store as Bill’s wife – credit card problems aside, she had to get Barb to bail her out. She has no public persona at all. This feeling was further illustrated by Lois’ frustration at not being made first wife. It was also interesting to see how Barb and Nicki’s relationship sometimes resembles that of a mother and child, particularly when Barb took Nicki for strawberry milkshakes after she picked her up from the store. Nicki’s kicking of the glove compartment was reminiscent of a petulant teenager. I have to say though, one of my favourite parts of the episode was Margene, who typically annoys me due to her immaturity. When she said to Ben “you have no idea how much of my day is spent alone”, we were able to see Nicki’s same sense of desperation, unfettered by Nicki’s own manipulative nature. It was interesting that Bill was away for most of the episode – and yet continued the affair with Barb. One slightly nagging problem about Bill – does he ever talk or do anything with his wives that isn’t obligatory or involve sex? Just a thought.

  • Great Commentary Janice 1997. With three wives, 7 kids and a thriving business, how does Bill have time for anything that isn’t ‘obligatory’? Mabye they should bring in a second husband to help him out!

    I find that all the wives are ‘desperate housewives’ in their own way (pun intended!)

    Barb wishes she was a single wife, Nikki has no power and essentially suffers from middle child syndrome, and margene feels alone, because she is alone, and was definitely not prepared to share her husband – i don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into. I wonder if there will be a seperation or divorce in future seasons?