[spoiler alert: if you haven’t watched last night’s incredible 2 hour premiere of ALIAS, don’t read this! seriously, stop reading NOW!]

The one great thing about ALIAS not becoming the enormous hit that LOST has become is that spoilers are actually kept to a minumum. While I had a feeling several of our favourite characters from the ALIAS mythos would be making a return throughout the final 7 episodes – I had no idea where, when, and why – and in truth, it makes for a far more enjoyable show. As much as I am a complete spoiler addict, there was something exciting about watching last night’s spectacular 2 hour ALIAS, not knowing what was going to happen next! A few surprises from last night’s episode: [and yes, I realize the irony in ranting against spoilers, while at the same time possibly spoiling the episode for a few readers!]

1] SPY MOMMY is back! Irina Derevko made a surprise appeance in last night’s episode. Lena Olin is incredible, and her chemistry with both Jack and Sydney is brilliant. So awesome to see her return, and I can’t wait to see how she figures into the final 7 episodes

2] VAUGHN is alive! Okay, so ABC’s marketing department made no secret of Vaughn’s return – but the fact that it seems as though Syd and Jack actually knew that he was alive all the time, and were part of covering it up! WOW that was completely unexpected, even in the anything can happen world of Alias.

3] WEISS! Sure he’s JJ Abrams best friend, and expected to be in every series/movie JJ is involved with. But in this case shameless loyalty is a great thing. Greg Grunberg makes me smile with every character he does, and it was so nice to see Weiss back.

4] SLOANE is Evil! Poor Rachel, no doubt Sloane had her deleting sensetive info that would have finally leaked the fact that SLOANE is behind everything. You heard it here first. Sloane is the bad-ass to and all bad-asses, and Sydney will kill him by the end of the series.

So pretty much the episodes were incredible. I’m so exciting for upcoming weeks, when it’s already been teased that we’ll be seeing the return of Will, Anna and Sark.

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  • Jeanette

    I had a feeling that when Vaughn died in the hospital that he didn’t really die, that they were just going to hide him. So I wasn’t completely surprised the way it turned out last night. As soon as Syd looked at here dad and he said “I know” I knew they were going to tell Vaughn. I missed the part before the opening so I don’t know what I missed there, but otherwise I thought it was a pretty excellent episode.

  • Jeanette, thanks for the post!

    I too knew Vaughn was a live, but I really didn’t know Syd and Jack knew as well! I thought it would some big surprise at the end of the series! Before the opening of the ep, Syd was just trying to escape the boat she was on – you didn’t miss anything integral

  • Yeah, I thought that at the very least Jack knew about Vaughn. Can’t wait to see my boy back!!! It took me two hours, but I posted a recap of last night’s episode. (http://www.givememyremote.com/remote/?p=611). That is a killer show to recap.

  • K

    I agree w/ GMMR, it is a hard show to recap. So much happens in 5 minutes, it’s beyond impossible to recap two hours but I also tried my best. (http://kays-randomness.blogspot.com/ )

    Are you absolutely sure Sydney kills Sloane? That would be freaking fantastic. I have to say, I can’t believe how gullible Rachel is. Syd needs to tell her the truth about that man or she’ll help him destroy the world without realizing. BTW – How funny was her running into the door. Loved it.

  • I just think SLOANE has it coming, and for all his evil, death seems like the fate he deserves. I mean he’s been in and out of prison throughout the series! The door bit was great. I Love Marshall!

  • Jenny

    In my opinion, the old Alias is back. Was an absolutely stunning episode. The door bit was hysterical, Weiss absolutely rocks, the bank stuff was priceless and the birth was… well, a tv birth. LOL SOOO far from realistic. 😉

    All in all, I loved it. 😀