I need your Quotes!

Folks, it’s that time again. I need your favourite TV quotes of the week for the Sunday Quote of the Week Spectacular (maybe a bit of an oversell). Regardless, please post away, or email me at info@thetvaddict.com

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  • Ash

    I know you’re going to put it anyway but I just wanted to make sure I remind you. The whole waddle/teeter conversation between Syd and Dixon. I’m not home right now so I can’t play it big to get it exact but you know what I mean.

  • Ash

    Maybe you should do an Alias-ccentric quote post because there were plenty of great one-liners in the episode and it’s a nice tribute for its return.

  • Ash, Great quote idea. When you’re at home, if you get a chance, feel free to send me the exact quote. I was way too immersed in Alias to think about it!

  • Cheryl

    How ’bout when Lorelai on GG said: “Disappointing mothers since 1968”?

  • Kbrosch

    I aggree with Cheryl – the “Lorelai Gilmore disappointing mothers since 1968” was a GREAT quote!

  • Jenny

    Jack, Without a Trace, “Just get your Trio out and get busy, blondie.”