Just an OTH thought…

nathan scott james lafferty one tree hillI just finished watching Wednesday’s episode of ONE TREE HILL. A thought if I may… Could Wednesday’s episode have been a test to see how the show would do without it’s leading man (and tabloid train wreck) Chad Michael Murray? Having Nathan Scott (James Leffarty) take over Lucas’ usual voice-overs (Chad Michael Murray) might not have been a mere coincidence! Perhaps a lesson to teach everybody’s ‘favourite’ ladies man to start acting a better, as his extra curriculers have been making too many headlines. Again, just a quick thought on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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  • It was a nice change for whatever reason.

  • Kelsey

    You know, i thought about this too……….

  • Lorna

    Hey, the show can work good without CMM since he lost his fanbase for being so gross anyway.

  • justine

    i dont think what is in the tabloids and what CMM does in his personal life has ne thing do with (nor should it matter) what he does on the show.