The Return of 7th Heaven?

7th heavenSomething that really annoyed me about SMALLVILLE on Thursday night (no, not the fact that I’ve recently learned that the episode I actually enjoyed was a massive rip-off of a movie called SAW) was that right during the final ‘pivotal’ scenes of the episode, the WB chose to cover up half the screen with an advertisment for 7th HEAVEN’s final 3 episodes. Aside from the fact that I don’t think it’s necessary to plug the show every 10 minutes, and the fact that the little ad takes up half the screen, the interesting thing about this is that the WB is not saying ‘the series finale of 7th HEAVEN’. While some may think I’m reading into things a bit, I am firmly planted in the camp that believes the new CW network is desperately trying to figure out a way to bring back the show for one more season.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself why the CW feels the need to bring back possibly the cheesiest (and most beloved) family show in history? Well simply put, the show still attracts a very large and desirable audience. One that I’m sure the CW wants to bring over from the WB when the new network starts in the fall. I’m not willing to bet ‘the farm’ (considering I don’t actually own a farm), but I do believe we will be seeing 7th Heaven make a return in some form or another in Fall 06 (possibly a Lucy/Kevin spin-off).

The return of 7th HEAVEN is not good news for fans of quality TV. Besides the fact that I’m far from a 7th HEAVEN fan, the return of 7th HEAVEN means one less spot for an hour long drama on the new CW. EVERWOOD and VERONICA MARS do not need anymore competition then they already have!

zac efron summerland high school musicalOne more random CW musing for a rainy Saturday. I’m wondering if the CW regrets the WB cancelling SUMMERLAND? Since the enormous success of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (a guilty guilty guilty pleasure of this TV addict), Lead Zac Efron has been catipulted into this year’s teen idol. Summerland starring Lori, Zac, Jesse et al would no doubt have made an excellent attraction for the young audience the CW craves?

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  • Tim

    I wouldn’t get too worried. I’m pretty sure when Angel was ending, they always said stuff like “Tune in for Angel’s final *insert random number here* episodes!”

  • Nikki

    I want 7th heaven renewed for one last season, at least. The ending was kind of strange with Simon and Sandy, I want to know if the baby really is Simons. Besides they took off my Charmed, so at least save 7th heaven.