Bright… What Happened?

Well I just finished watching another heartbreaking episode of EVERWOOD. Why heartbreaking you ask? Well firstly, much like the WEST WING, I spend each commercial mourning the fact there are only a few episodes left (CW, please have a brain and pick up this show). Secondly, BRIGHT, what happened? You were doing so well, turning your life around, learning to actually respect women! But honestly, can we really fault you that much. What able blooded American could turn down Kelly Carlson (Kimber from NIP/TUCK). How sad was it to see Bright regret his awful decision. No doubt Hannah will discover the truth next week. Do you think she’ll buy the, “We were on a Break!” excuse?

I also wanted to take a moment to talk about Andy Brown (Treat Williams). I’m absolutely loving his relationship with Ephram. The two of them communicating is so fantastic, and shows how far the characters have grown since season one. Also, Andy Brown cannot pull off using the word ‘girlfriend’ in a sentence, as he tried to talk to Nina (it was really funny). Finally, I’m so happy Nina realized Jake was falling back into a pattern. Nina belongs with Andy, and the sooner she figures it out, the better (What a coincidence, that the same episode that Nip/Tuck’s Kimber makes an appearance is also the episode where Nina’s son, the little seen, often recast Sam is spending the weekend with his father – Dr. Shawn McNamara from Nip/Tuck!)

I can’t say enough how enjoyable tonight’s episode was. If both WEST WING and EVERWOOD are gone next season, I will not be happy.

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