Introducing the NEW TV Guide! is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to! Introducing… (drum roll please…) the new WHAT TO WATCH guide. Each week, we’ll update the guide with what ‘our experts’ think you should be watching (or TIVO’ing) tonight. Special thanks to our resident ‘TV expert’ Jenny for making it all happen, and pretty much writing the entire thing. If you love it, or have any comments, feel free to contact Jenny at You can see our new WHAT TO WATCH guide by clicking here.

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  • Jenny

    I hope everyone enjoys the new addition! I’m glad to be helping out! If anyone has any suggestions about it or have a show they definitely want me to feature as my pick, email me! 🙂

  • Nice work Jenny!

  • I like the guide. Have you thought about adding comments to the picks?

  • Man. I was going to do the exact same thing for my blog. You guys did SO much better then what I was going to do. I love it Jenny. Aboslutely love it. And with Entertainment Weekly sucking lately, I going to refer to your guide from now on. Again, LOVE IT.

  • I wish we could post our comments on there…I think we need a forum…

    Who agrees?

    Say “I”

  • Kimberly, great idea.. i definitely want to add comments to the picks.. will take a bit of work though!!!

  • Yes, a forum would be nice. The Watch With Kristen boards are getting a little boring (but I LOVE WHAM threads).