West Wing Bliss

I am enjoying the WEST WING way too much! Literally, after each scene in last night’s episode, I’m yelling things at my TV. DONNA’S ULTIMATUM (you go girl!), SAM’S BACK! I LOVE LOU! THE FIRST LADY OFFERING DONNA CHIEF OF STAFF! SANTOS/BARTLETT WORKING TOGETHER! (saw that coming a mile away by the way!) The show is firing on all cylinders, and once again I find myself wishing the show would continue. How great would it be to see all these idealistic young (naivĂ©) men and women try and navigate the shark infestested waters of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? (Josh’s assistant better get a job in the West Wing). With only three episodes left, it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye.

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  • Kimberly

    I agree. TWW is firing on all cylinders and I really wish it was returning next season. I want to see the Santos administration get off the ground. The changing of the guard has revived the show and it has gotten so good again.

    And the fact that the writers gave viewers time to see Josh and Donna being all couple-ly is absolutely fantastic. I could go on and on because I loved last night’s ep that much. This really is the way to end a series.

  • Daspiano

    OMG! Last nights episode blew me away. I was right there with you screaming excitedly at every turn.p Its about time for josh and donna, and SAM!!! I did not know how much i missed him until tonight. I felt like Sam should have talked to someone other than just Josh, I mean him and Donna were friends to right? Tiny nitpick about the episode. Josh’s meltdown, brillant! Sam’s knowing how to handle him, just like a best friend should! Man i am said this show is ending. At least it gets to go out with us wanting more.

  • Trinity

    It wa so good. I love SAM! Josh and Donna were great!

    Das i couldnt have said it better myself lol
    Sam should of talk to Donna
    and also Josh and Sam should of hugged

    I LOVE IT!

  • Lizard

    I find it odd that no one told Sam that Leo died. (?)

    I am hoping for a spinoff.

  • Lizard, so true…. no mention from Sam about Leo… interesting.

  • Bartlet4America

    Well, considering he was the Vice Presidential candidate, I’m pretty sure that Sam would have found out somehow.