7th Heaven Returning

Some more bad news for fans of EVERWOOD and VERONICA MARS. According to Reuters, the CW is seriously considering bringing 7th HEAVEN back for another season. Reuters reports:

About a month ago, members of “Heaven’s” core cast, including Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Beverley Mitchell and George Stults, were approached about the possibility of returning for another year on the show, sources said. Although no formal offers were made and there haven’t been recent inquiries to the cast or their representatives, sources indicate CW executives are keeping the option to bring back “Heaven” on the table, and no final decision will be made until the future network’s four drama pilots are evaluated.

The reason theTVaddict is so concerned with this news is that bringing 7th HEAVEN back is one less spot for a quality family drama on the new CW – ie EVERWOOD or VERONICA MARS. Can someone please start a ‘cancel 7th heaven campaign’ 🙂 Seriously!

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  • Ahhhhh!!!! Can May 18 just get here just we can stop speculating! It’s making my head hurt.

  • all the speculation is half the fun!!!

  • Tim

    I hope we know some stuff before May 18. I don’t think I can survive that long without knowing if VM will get a third season. If it doesn’t, I may have to send a bus full of CW execs flying over a guard rail!

  • i agree with Tim!

    getting rid of Veronica Mars forever will be such a slap in the face that we have to retaliate.

    do they seriously want to feel the wrath of a rabid fanbase? i just hope we don’t reach that point.

    can MAY 18 get here any sooner???