scrubsI think Tuesday has officially become my favourite night of TV. Two and a half hours of pure television enjoyment (actually, thanks to my PVR, 110 commercial free minutes). Let’s start it off with the best episode of SCRUBS of the [best] season [ever]. How SCRUBS manages to be both incredibly funny (THE TODD) and dramatic at the same time is a tribute to the writers. No show does medical drama and comedy better. Period.

veronica mars kristen bellMoving on to VERONICA MARS. With only two episodes remaining we’re definitely getting closer to who was responsible for the bus crash – and more importantly, Logan and Veronica finally hooking up again. While Woody is definitly looking like the guilty party, I couldn’t help but notice that Beav was suspiciously absent from tonight’s installment. Only time will tell who did what and to whom, but my money is still on the fact that creator Rob Thomas will no doubt has some surprises in store for us. Also, a VM report wouldn’t be complete without mentioning yet again how awesome MAC is, and I can’t wait to see her and Veronica as sleuthing roomates next season!

gilmore girlsFinally I found myself in Stars Hollow, enjoying Team Palladino’s third final episode of GILMORE GIRLS. Firstly, I loved the episode – and I think that’s a great sign, considering it was written by new GG showrunner David Rosenthal. Secondly, how much would I pay to see Lane and Zac’s wedding video – filled with hammered Lorelai outtakes (Note to writers, please include it on the DVD!). Thirdly, It was so interesting to finally see Luke communicate to Lorelai why he was hesitant for his ‘two worlds’ to collide. It never occured to me that Luke would be so insecure about April liking Lorelai over him (afterall, who wouldn’t love Lorelai). It really made the whole April/Lorelai seperation make sense. Of course what didn’t make sense was Anna’s awful reaction to the entire situation. Who wouldn’t trust Lorelai? she raised Rory afterall. And finally, Rory’s msg to Mitchum was amazing and something that was a long time coming. With only two episodes remaining, it will be great to see how the season ends, let’s hope on a high note.

Oh yeah, one more thing! I must download the songs from the last scene in SCRUBS, and the song that played while Veronica and Logan were talking at the Prom. So if you know the names/titles, post below!

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  • Jamie

    The song playing while Veronica and Logan were talking is from the Veronica Mars Sountrack. It’s called “I Hear the Bells” by: Mike Doughty.

  • Mary

    I know that the VMars song is from the show’s soundtrack and is called “I Hear the Bells” by Mike Doughty. I’m pretty sure it was used on Grey’s Anatomy earlier in the season, as well. I’m not sure about the Scrubs song though.

  • Jenny

    *sigh* Scrubs was beyond fantastic tonight. I love this show!

  • Mary

    ….not sure how it happened that I posted the same thing as someone else without even noticing it…

  • Tim

    Gotta agree, Tuesday night rocks! It seems like ever since VM returned there, I actually look forward to GG more, as well. For a while I sort of dreaded watching GG, but now that I have VM, it’s like the whole night feels special.

    Can you tell I love Veronica Mars?

  • Billie

    the song at the end of scrubs is “how to save a life” by the fray. love the song.

  • The song is amazing and it’s been at the top of my Ipod for two days!!!