ALIAS’s 100th Episode: The Return of Will

Tonight on ALIAS, everyone’s favourite reporter turned CIA agent, Will Tippen returns. It’s funny how Will evolved from my least favourite character (nosy reporter always getting in Syd’s way) to a fan favourite. It’s really a testament to actor Bradley Cooper, as if you’ve seen any of his work (Wedding Crashers, Alias, Kitchen Confidential), you know he’s definitely a star on the rise. He can currently seeon on Broadway starring with little known actress Julia Roberts in Three Days of Rain. According to an ABC press release:

In the milestone 100th episode of the award-winning spy drama, Sydney’s maternity leave is cut short when she learns that Will has been abducted by her nemesis, Anna Espinosa. Meanwhile, Sloane finds himself one step closer to obtaining the cure for daughter Nadia.

The return of Will & Anna! This episode will no doubt rock. Also, Sloane finding himself closer to obtaining the cure for Nadia’s coma? No doubt it will lead him one step closer to becoming the ultimate evil – I still contend he is behind everything. Kristen of Watch with Wanda contains there will be three deaths before the series is over, my guess is that Sloane will be one of them – thanks to a serious Sydney butt-kicking.

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  • Jenny

    The old Alias is back and I’m so freakin sad! 🙁 I don’t want it to end! 🙁