A Valentine to Sydney?

sydney bristow aliasAs one of ALIAS’ biggest fans, let me be the first to say that I’m not one to kick a horse when it’s down. But with only four episodes left, shouldn’t each one have been jaw-dropping-on-the-floor incredible? Last night’s 100th episode has been hyped for months as a ‘Valentine to Sydney’, the return of Will!, as well as season one nemisis Anna Espino. Needless to say I was psyched.

Unfortunately I was not impressed with ALIAS’ 100th. A bomb in Will Tippen’s brain, We knew there was no chance he was going to die. Anna Espinosa returning, what was the point? She is no ‘Evil Francie’. And I’m generally not one of ‘those people’, but I truly saw the final scene coming A MILE AWAY. It was so obvious, and not at all suprisingly. Let’s hope ALIAS’ final four (or is it three) episodes truly blow me away.

One honourable mention goes to Rachel asking “Who’s Rambaldi?” at the APO meeting. A great line, as the Rambaldi mystery, once an integral aspect of the ALIAS mythology, became way too complex, and was slowly phased out of season 3 and 4.

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  • daspiano87

    Have to agree with you, I wasn’t that impressed with Alias’ 100th. I love me some Will!!! And I adore Gina Torres, so it was great to see Anna. I however hated that all of a sudden she has Syd’s face. I saw it coming too, and was hoping through the whole episode that they would not go that way. When Francie was doubled it was a SHOCK. It was an insane twist that no one saw coming. This was not that. I am holding out hope that the rest of the episodes will justify this turn of events. I have been a huge fan of Alias, and I am still looking forward to the rest of the episodes, especially the return of evil Sloane and VAUGHN!!! Love that Jack and Syd know that he is alive!!

  • Harold

    perhaps you missed the Will tied up in a chair bit when Syd comes to rescue him? Like the mission in Paris a few years ago? And there were other tidbits for the longtime fans too…

    (ps, auto spell-check: nemesis, Anna Espinosa, Will Tippin, surprisingly)

  • Harold… i ‘got’ the bookends with Syd saving WIll from the chair (which was an amazing moment in season 1, when Will has an amazing reaction). I just wasn’t so impressed with the episode!

    daspiano87. Totally agree… EVIL FRANCIE was an amazing shock… ‘double syd’ or ‘Espinosyd’ as she is beinggg dubbed on the boards… was no surprise at all. It was nice to see that Jack and Syd 100% knew that Vaughn was alive though – I wasn’t 100% sure last episode