Ironically, on April 27 [tonight] ‘MAY SWEEPS’ begins! Regardless, I’m excited. Four weeks of new episodes, season finales, series finales and endless promotion as networks plead for us to turn off our computers, cell phones, playstations and watch good old-fashioned TV!

Tonight, we get a new episode of THE OFFICE, and it’s been way too long! Tonight’s installment features Dwight finding a joint in the office – which will no doubt lead to hilarity and an official investigation by the Lackawanna County volunteer deputy sheriff. On Fox’s THE OC we get to watch our gang experience prom, no doubt ‘evil’ Volchek will be there to spoil the party. What will Marissa OD on tonight? My bet, a mixture of pills AND alcohol!. WILL & GRACE begins its final four episodes with Will’s dad’s funeral. Hopefully Karen and Jack will be there to lighten the mood. And finally, SMALLVILLE, the world’s worst show that I somehow manage to continue to watch. Without even reading a plot summary for this week’s episode, let me guess what will happen… hmmm… could a KryptoFreak mysteriously appear to wreck havok on our leading players? Tune in at 8pm on the WB to find out!

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