Quotes of the Week!

By now you all know the drill. If you don’t, it’s easy! Post your favourite quotes of the week below, and I’ll be create (and post) a pretty little photoshop image on Sunday!

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  • “My uterus is probably as flat as a pancake right now.”
    –Danielle from “America’s Next Top Model” while being hung upside down for a mermaid photo shoot.

  • Kendall: Your dad and I were just dealing with a little trouble
    Veronica: Like trouble, with a capital “T” that rhymes with “C” that stands for…
    Keith: Veronica!
    Veronica: I was going to say cute

  • “No, I get it. It’s in the past. Plus, I assume she’d be going with the surf Nazi anyways, unless he’s selling crack to blind kids or something…or fondling some girl at the end of the pier”

    –Seth Cohen on “The O.C.” agreeing with Ryan that Marissa was not a viable date for the prom.

  • Tim G.

    “It’s like making love to a seal…”
    –Taylor Townsend, “The OC”