Save Our Show Poll Update

Great News for EVERWOOD It’s one of the finalists in Kristen’s Save Our Show Poll (Watch with Kristin) Why is this good, well hopefully, the powers that be (network execs) will notice how much the audience wants EVERWOOD back! According to Kristen:

Inside Sources Say: Everwood has been holding its own against fierce competition like 24, so it should stick around. (Though with the unexpected and unprecedented merge of UPN and WB into the CW, it should be said that all shows from these former networks are a tough call.)

Executive Producer Rina Mimoun Wants You to Know: “[Everwood creator] Greg Berlanti met with [CW president] Dawn Ostroff a week ago to pitch some story arcs for a possible season five. While the new stories are fantastic, Dawn is also extremely moved by the fans of our show! Apparently, you guys have done excellent work in getting to the new CW president. The support has been overwhelming in forms of letters, flowers, candy, even jewelry! Keep it coming!”

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