Thursday: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

A brief report on last night’s TV:

THE OC: Worst Prom Episode Ever! Summer as prom queen? Have the writers run out of ideas? Summer’s only friend is Seth, how is she Prom Queen (again)? Didn’t the gang go to prom last year!? OC writers should take a look at 90210 or Degrassi to see how a proper TV Prom is done.

WILL & GRACE: Finding humour at a funeral is never easy. The W&G writers managed to make me laugh, by bringing back pretty much all of the show’s favourite characters. Rob & Ellen, Joe & Larry, Vince, they were all back to try and comfort Will. The episode wasn’t bad, but killing Will’s Dad off still seems a bit extreme.

THE OFFICE: Another great episode. How great was everyone’s favourite (and only) Lackawanna County volunteer deputy sheriff! The real highlight of the episode was Pam and Jim’s ‘jinx’ game. When are they finally going to hook up? No doubt in the finale, leaving us poor viewers with a summer long wait until September.

SMALLVILLE: After hating the OC so much, I really couldn’t risk putting myself in a boredom coma by watching another KryptoFreak harass the denizens of Smallville. I did of course PVR the episode, and will watch it sometime on the weekend.

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  • 4602

    wow, THE OC PROM EPISODE WAS BEYOND AWESOME! your retarted. this site sucks.

  • dude, you have to learn to spell, it’s “retarded” NOT “retarted”

  • cleo

    KILL HER!!!!!!!!