Sunday Night TV, Way Too Exciting!

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I’m way too excited for tonight’s TV. On the WEST WING, What position will President-Elect Santos offer Vinick? I know, so I’m not going to spoil it, but with only three episodes left, you don’t want to miss ‘politics at its best.’ On BIG LOVE can the Henrickson clan really fit more family in their three houses? As Evil Roman evicted Bill’s family from the ‘compound’ (How creepy does the ‘compound’ sound? how creepy is Roman? Could his son BE anymore creepy?). Over on Wisteria Lane, will our DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ever have anything good happen to them? Does anyone even care anymore? Finally, over on the left coast, will Meredith hook up with the new McDreamy Chris O’donnell? Having only seen season 1 on DVD, I have tried to avoid season 2 of GREY’S ANATOMY until the second season DVD comes out. Unfortunately, I have no will power, and caught last week’s re-cap show. Sadly, I’m jumping back on the bandwagon for the final few episodes. I should also mention that since I’m working tonight, I’ll be PVR’ing everything, and will no doubt be up very late tonight!

By the way, if you’re overwhelmed by MAY SWEEPS EXCITEMENT (who isn’t?) and have no idea what to watch, where to watch it, and when… hop on over to’s fantastic new WHAT TO WATCH TV GUIDE. Thanks to the brilliance of Jenny R, we have a great, easy to read guide, filled with what’s worth watching this week on TV.

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