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It’s finally here. To watch the latest episodes of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, LOST, ALIAS, and COMMANDER IN CHIEF, head on over to and check it out. Unfortunately, since I’m in Canada, and we suck (in terms of internet TV), we aren’t allowed to watch it. But I’d love to hear what it’s like. So if you’re an American, please feel free to post below and let me know. Folks, the future of TV is here (or coming soon!)

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  • Jenny

    It is REALLY good quality!

    I’m playing Alias right now and it looks like there are 3 commercials, 30 seconds each. It plays really smoothly, even when you search to a certain point in the episode. At the end of the commercial, you have to click for it to go back to the show, which is nice! When it goes to commercial, you can go to the bathroom, get a drink or snack, answer the phone, whatever, then come back and watch, without having to pause, rewind, etc.

    I’m extremely impressed. Works well in Firefox, so am assuming it would work fine in IE too.

    That sucks that you can’t watch it! I wonder why they do that as US only. 😐

  • Michael

    Being Canadian I had to find a proxy server to get access to the ABC stream. It was an easy setup in Firefox. I don’t know if the proxy imposed limitations on my bandwidth but video was somewhat choppy and out of synch in places and would not play full screen due to low bandwidth. I have Sympatico high-speed ultra so should have no problems. Anyone successfully going the proxy route should provide further feedback.

  • Michael, thanks for the feedback. If I knew how to find a proxy server I’d definitely try it on FireFox. I’ll keep looking around, and as soon as I find out a way around the issues… I’ll be letting everyone know!

  • Michael

    I don’t know whose proxy this is (got the numbers from an online article) but you can try by setting the proxy to manual and enterring with port 8080. They worked for me but again, the bandwidth issue was popping up…

  • Michael… how do i change the proxy on my computer?

  • Michael

    From inside Firefox…

    Firefox Menu > Preferences

    click the “Connection Settings” button at middle right of the “General” tab

    click the “manual proxy configuration” radio button and paste in the address and enter 8080 in the accompanying port box

    click “Okay” button and close preferences

    You are now set to fool ABC. Warning though, I am pretty sure it’s the proxy that is limiting my bandwidth. I tried again today and got a warning that I had lower than 500k of bandwidth and that video would suffer.

  • Michael,
    thanks for the advice, I followed your instructions, but sadly, it’s not working… i get this message in firefox:

    The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond.

  • Steve

    I read the advice of Michael and the comment of the tvaddict… i have the same problem. Firefox says the connection has timed out when i change the proxy. I also tried and it looks like it works as I can get to the page but I haven’t tried to watch an episode yet