West Wing Thoughts

Okay, this will no doubt ‘out’ me as a massive geek (as if having a TV blog wasn’t nerdy enough!), but as Mrs. Santos was meeting her White House staff, who wasn’t humming in their heads… ‘Cecille will pick out your clothes… your bath is drawn by Mrs. Grier’. If that reference has gone over your head, your childhood lacked one of the greatest American movies ever. Moving on, last night’s WEST WING was another fantastic episode. It really was fascinating to see how Vinick was dealing with essentially becoming a footnote in American history. The writers have given us some nice insight into what it may have been like for Gore, Kerry or the countless losers of American Politics. Throughout his entire run, Alan Alda has portrayed Vinick with class and dignity. He definitely would have made a fantastic President, has the writers decided to go in that direction. Only two episode remain. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye. Let me close with this. I firmly believe that the West Wing will be revitalized in a few years with a new cast of characters. You heard it here first, WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION – Coming Fall 08!

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  • I certainly hope you are right. I have been dreading seeing this series leaving the air. I hadn’t watched for 2-3 years, but the fresh blood has totally revived it. It has gotten so good again!

  • As Vinick was talking about returning in four years.. all I could think about was that in four years, we could see a new election, with a mix of old and new casts!

  • daspiano87

    I didn’t love the episode. It was interesting but I definatly felt Josh not being there. Shouldn’t he have at least of been mentioned? I would love to see the show revived in a few years! I don’t think it will happen though. As much as I love the new characters (Santos, Vinnik, Bram!, Otto!, Rhonna!) it would be to hard to watch the show without Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, and such. I did love the campaign stuff but Santos without Josh would not be as good, and Whitford already has a new show for next season.

  • daspiano87…. Josh is on vacation!!!! the one vacation he’s had since he was in the womb. He was missed, but it was nice to see some closure for Vinick – he is a class act and deserved it!)