Monday Night’s TV

With only a handful of EVERWOOD episodes remaining this season (yes CW, I said SEASON), do I really need an episode focusing on Edna, Irv and Reed (What is with that name?). Apparently I do. It was really nice to see Irv try to fix his relationship with his daughter (the talented and underutilized Nia Long). Also, only in ultra-competitive med-school would fellow students Narc out eachother for cheating (so that’s the reason I’m not in med school!). Personally, I can’t believe Dr. Reed would be so dumb to cheat. Hasn’t he watched enough TV to know that cheaters never prosper? On the Amy and Ephram front, it was really nice for our favourite Everwood couple to realize that they really are meant for eachother. And finally HANNAH (yes your name is in bold as a tribute to the awesomness that is your character). What a way to deal with Bright (who’s should probably have his name legally changes to dumbass). It was so great to see Hannah raise her voice and actually yell at ‘Bright’. It will be really great to see if Everwood’s cutest couple (sorry Ephram/Amy) reconcile before the season (again CW, notice SEASON) finale. (Wow, I’m parenthesis crazy this morning!)

Briefly on the PRISON BREAK front. I could yell at FOX for yet again, teasing ‘the escape’ with a clip that no doubt only airs in the season finale, but I”ll cut the network some slack, as last night’s episode was AWESOME! I was on the edge of my seat the entire hour, and am so psyched to see the final two episodes. With only two episodes remaining, the only question left is not whether our Fox River Inmates will escape, but rather who will make it out alive.

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  • I thought PB sucked last night. I was soooo pumped and it was a major let down. Good ending though.

  • Really, you thought it sucked? please elaborate? I Loved it…. 🙂

  • It was the worst episode of the season for me. It looked so exciting in the preview and most of the stuff they showed didn’t even happen. I can’t stand TV anymore. Networks spend more time thinking of cliffhangers and previews for the next show than the episodes themselves.

  • Wentworth M.

    Worst episode you say… Based on what experience? Who do you think you are making a judgement like that? T-Bag! These are the guys we’re breaking out with…..

  • JustEvidence

    Ok, it was not the worst episode but it was a little dissapointing. All of the trailers that I saw prior to last Monday’s episode was that at least the start of the escape was too happen. For instance, in one of the trailers it showed Michael,C-note,T-Bag, and a few others turning a corner in one of the tunnel’s. Umm… not in Monday’s episode. I know that things have to happen in order and that every action has a reason, but Fox needs to show trailers of the next events, not clips of things that we have to wait a couple of weeks for.

    The episode as a whole was entertaining, I’m curious on Michaels thoughts about Tweener. Sometimes I think that Michael is just feeding Tweener info. to distract the gaurds but Michael seems to have other plans for him. Michael is too intelegent to risk too much on him.