New Episode of LOST tonight (finally!)

So psyched for tonight’s TV: ALIAS, ONE TREE HILL, and LOST. A few LOST tidbits in honour of the show finally returning after what seems like months. Firstly, hop on over to today’s ASK AUSIELLO for a great interview with Lost showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff. They set up the last 4 episodes of the season (5 hours!) and offer up some great little plot points. Also, if you’re always wondering if LOST is new or a repeat for the week, bookmark this great site:

Finally, tonight could be ONE TREE HILL’s final episode EVER. The show has actually been excellent, leading up to the season (series?) finale. Props goes out to Sophia Bush for showing off her great acting skills (seriously!) as she has to still pretend she can stand to be in the same room with Chad Michael Murray. Let’s hope Dan gets whats coming to him in tonights finale.

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  • Tim G.


    That’s all I can say about Lost. I’m SO glad I avoided spoilers. What a twist, I take back all the bad things I said about the show this season.

  • Tim, I couldn’t agree more. What an INCREDIBLE final few minutes. A twist that was nice to not actually be spoiled by the internet crazyness.


    I hope they cancel this show mid-season next year and don’t tell anyone anything.

  • Brandi C.

    I can’t believe that thi smay be the end of OTH. This truely is my favorite show. The final show was so exciting, no knowin what’s gonna happen next will KILL ME!!!………..I pray 4 season 4 😉