LOST Returns and Rocks!

michael LOSTHonestly, I was ready to write the episode off. 56 minutes in, I wasn’t impressed. After three weeks of repeats, all we got was another mundane episode focusing on one of LOST’s least likeable characters (Anna Lucia). But WOW, with four minutes left, writers Lindeloff and Cuse completely turned the LOST world, at least for me, upside-down. Let me say this. I completely saw part of this coming. That is to say, when Michael returned, I knew it was too easy and that he was ready to wreck havock on our intrepid islanders, on behalf of THE OTHERS, or THE MAN! But to shoot (and possibly kill) two of our main characters. I did not see that coming. WOW! A few brief observations if I may:

1) For the first time, we actually get to see a main character go Evil. This will be fascinating, as since the show’s premiere, it was always the cast vs. the others, or the cast vs. the island. Now we’ve actually seen a cast member go the the ‘dark side’. The reprecussions of Michael’s actions will be very interesting to watch.

2) It was so great to have the amazing ending not ruined by internet spoilers. TV is so much better when we don’t know what’s coming.

3) In case you were thinking that Ana and Libby were targeted due to their off-set antics (ie. DUI’s), check out the Ausiello Report

4) Libby actually utters the words to Hurley, “I think we’re LOST” as Hurley tries to find the beach. Ummm Libby, the show’s name may have tipped you off!

5) Finally, Ana Lucia’s fate was sealed the moment she slept with Sawyer. Afterall, any horror fans know that the ‘easy’ girl is generally dead within the hour!

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  • I usually agree with almost everything you say tv addict. I am a tvaddictaddict myself! Anyways, I really think you are missing what makes this the most tedious and annoying show I have possibly ever followed. First of all, Michael didn’t turn “evil,” rather he had to do something awful to save his son. That’s different than him just killing for the heck of it. You point that it was a mundane episode until 56 minutes in, is what makes this show so incredible awful. They spend way too much time on cliffhangers and not enough on serious plot/charachter development. A show where the last 4 minutes are the best of an episode is not the kind of show I like to watch. Also, “TV is so much better when we don’t know what’s coming.” – ??? – then why are there spoilers on your site!?!? hahah…Keep up the good work tvaddict, I just really really really can’t stand LOST anymore. I don’t know why I still watch it.

  • Tim

    I disagree about it being mundane before that. Maybe I’m just a Lost fanboy, but I thought it was a good ep, even before the final minutes.

  • Tim G.

    I don’t think Libby dies. There are too many loose ends to tie up with her.

  • Tim, I agree…. while it would be quite the ‘after school special’ to kill of both Lost actresses who were busted for DUI’s.. i think they’ve built Libby’s character up, with the whole Hurley connection – just to kill her off without any explanation.

  • Dear theTVaddictaddict,

    excellent point about Michael.. perhaps I over-dramatized. But it’s clear, Michael will do ANYTHING to save his son. And shooting two people is pretty ‘evil’

  • ColBalt

    Did anyone get the web address for the spoof commercial in the last commercial brake? It was only about 15sec long and invited ppl to call a 1-800 number or visit the site. Something along the lines of ‘osmous.org’ but thats not right. It you’ve got it TiVo-ed or recorded can you drop a message and let us know the url.

  • This may help:



  • I didn’t mean “evil” evil. “Evil” evil would be someone consumed by evil for the enjoyment of it. It’s clear Michael has digressed from a normal mindframe, willing to do anything to save Walt. He is evil for what he did, but not truly “evil”. If that makes any sense :). And Tim G., unlike 24 which has the balls to kill people off like flies, LOST takes no risks. I hope it gets cancelled mid-season next year.

  • Tim G.

    Plus, if Libby doesn’t die she’ll be around to tell everyone that Michael shot Ana-Lucia before he shot her and then himself.

    Is anyone else thinking Michael is planning on leading the survivors into a trap in exchange for Walt?